CEM UNAM Francia -

Professional Practive

Professional practice is a strategy to complement your college education. The program consists of welcoming students and alumni of Mexican higher-education institutions in order to support the activities of CEM UNAM-Francia, bringing to bear their acquired skills and knowledge.They are a great opportunity for cultural immersion, the acquisition of work skills and the development of professional skills.

We have both a full-time practice (7 daily hours) and a half-time practice (3.5 daily hours), and there is the possibility of simultaneously develop specific projects at French institutions, according to your professional interests. At the end you must present an activity report.

The requirements are:

  • Being a Mexican national
  • Currently studying at any recognised higher-education institution in Mexico or France or having already graduated from it
  • Having Advanced French level
  • Having a French visa. The stagiaire visa can be obtained directly at the French consulate.

The French government also requires that an agreement be signed between the candidate and the CEM and/or French institutions involved.

It's important to point out that the Alliance Française network offers professional practice opportunities as well.

The candidate or its institution must self-finance his or her stay in France, This Centre cannot help with paperwork or visa extensions.