CEM UNAM Francia -

Images of the CEM office and its neighbourhood

Mexican Talent Network Meeting - June 2013

Ceremony of the Key by Mr. Jean Chambaz, president of UPMC

Coordination meeting at CEM with Sorbonne Universités - 12/06/2014

CASA project, participation of UNAM in the Europe Solar Decathlon - June-July 2014

Images of the "UNAM yesterday" exhibition

Images of the "UNAM today" exhibition

Visit and Conference by Ma. Teresa Uriarte, Cultural Affairs Coordinator of UNAM

Signature of the Agreement between Sorbonne Universités and UNAM

Inauguration of CEM UNAM-France office

Exhibition "UNAM Yesterday and Today" at CEM UNAM-France inauguration

Inaugural session of the Academic and Scientific Council of CEM

Meeting of Dean Narro with the Academy of Paris

Meeting of Dean Narro with Sorbonne Universités